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Birthday Stack

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Rose Quartz// Spread kindness like confetti with this dusty rose gem. Rose Quartz purifies and open your heart at all levels setting you up to give and receive love freely.  It promotes love and friendship by strengthening empathy and sensitivity. This crystal oozes self love and deep inner healing.

 Black Labradorite //  This beauty is believed to contain elements of the northern lights. It is the stone of magic. Need some me time? This crystal releases blockages and sets you on the path for self discovery and fulfillment. To top it off it strengthens intuition and helps enhance that sixth sense.

 Blue Jade // Slow and steady wins the race. This icy blue crystal brings patience and a sense of peace. Feeling rushed? This calming blue beauty will help you feel relaxed. Being of the jade family this crystal is said to bring good luck and protect against harm.

Silver and gold plated details and our signature James Marie tag for a touch of glam. 

What are the gold and silver details made of?

All gold and silver detailing are made by the process of plating. Gold or silver plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold or silver onto the surface of another metal, most often copper or brass. 

Over time and these metals may tarnish and show signs of patina. This isn’t an imperfection, but merely lends itself to the vintage vibe we love! 

How should I care for my James Marie Bracelets?

Maintain your jewelry’s integrity by avoiding contact with hair products, lotions, sunscreen, makeup, perfumes, soaps, and cleaning products.

Always remove your jewelry prior to washing your hands, applying any body products, cleaning, working out or swimming.

Bracelets should be treated gently and with care. Never overstretch the elastic band (over your hand is okay).